The first NFT minted on the blockchain by Eric Heights is available for free while supplies last. This giveaway is intended for collectors and supporters as a creative way to learn about digital assets together. To participate in the NFT giveaway, please read below:

1. Must have a Ethereum (ETH) wallet.

2. Send a message that includes your Ethereum (ETH) address to where you would like us to send your free NFT:

Whats your Name?


  • Thank you for participating. The goal is to produce and share more digital collectables with you.
  • These digital collectables are designed to allow exclusive access to future Eric Heights products.
  • All images used in this NFT collage were taken by Eric Heights in Warsaw and Wrocław Poland. Upcoming NFT releases will include new locations worldwide.
  • If you look closely, this collage includes a Simca Ariane car from the 1950s with Polish license plates. The Ariane automobile has a nostalgic feel in Poland do to its history in the region. This NFT collage also includes pictures taken at Warszawa Centralna, Warsaw Spire skyscraper, a vintage Polska Vogue magazine, a polish model holding sunflowers, and the Skytower building located in Wrocław.
  • This collage is just a fun and creative way to share travel images from a personal photo journal.
  • Feel free to comment or message and share your thoughts.