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About Eric Heights

Eric Heights (b. Eric Alvarez) is a first-generation American filmmaker with roots from El Salvador. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where he grew up watching movies and dreaming of becoming a filmmaker. His parents emigrated from El Salvador in the mid-70s, seeking a better life and escaping the civil war that ravaged their homeland in the 1980s.

Eric grew up surrounded by the vibrant culture of the latino community in Los Angeles, Colorado, and Arizona. His parents made sure to instill in him a deep pride in his heritage and learned to speak Spanish at home immersing himself in the customs, music, and food.

Inspired by the natural colors of the Southwest region of the United States, he developed a passion for nature, art, & photography at a very young age. 

With 10 years of experience in professional cinematography, his skills include Director of Photography, Directing, and video editing. He specializes in music videos, commercials, documentaries, & content creation for social media platforms.

Eric feels honored to have worked alongside some amazing, super cool, and talented people that include internationally renowned artist EL MAC, tattoo artist Myriam Lumpini, singer-songwriter Calma Carmona, rapper and actor Silk The Shocker, & iconic hip hop fashion designer Karl Kani. 

For consulting or more information, please email info@ericheights.com